Here is a relatively new variety of Pond cypress that is a study in contrast. There are few trees as tough as a Pond cypress. They can withstand drought, total immersion, deep hard winter, endless sweltering summers and, after all the other trees have been blown down by a Category 5 hurricane, it is the Cypress (Taxodium) that remains.  And yet few conifers have such delicate, feathery foliage. These ‘needles’ practically beg for a caressing touch and the Pond cypress cultivar 'Debonair' has the most delicate of all. This foliage has a languid drape of long green threads that waft in the slightest breeze. The medium green color is also attractive especially since it hangs from cinnamon colored stems. And it turns a rich russet orange in autumn.  
Unlike the bald cypress, 'Debonair' pond cypress only reaches 50 feet in height with a narrow, 10 to 12 foot spread. The branches have an elegant weep and turn up at the tips.
It withstands most climate and soil conditions growing from Ontario, Canada to the southern US. It is hardy throughout the UK, temperate Australia and New Zealand.

As usual, this special tree will not be found in the popular landscape nurseries but more likely in a specialty, mail-order, plant nursery.

Debonair Pond cypress


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