Here is a rare and beautiful tree that should be more common than it is. The Kashmir Mountain ash, or Sorbus Cashmeriana, is a deciduous tree which bears pretty, shell-pink to creamy white flowers in spring. These are followed by masses of showy white berries which are also highly attractive to wildlife, and persist on the tree even after leaf drop, providing winter interest. And the foliage is some of the best for autumn color and the equal of the brightest maples. The leaves change to fiery shades of  red, orange and yellow which make for a spectacular  display. This fantastic ornamental can eventually reach 50 feet in height with a spread of 30 feet, though in garden cultivation it is generally much smaller, typically 30 feet. It prefers full sun but can tolerate partial shade. It is also tolerant of a wide range of harsh conditions and has few pests. It prefers cool summers so it is best suited to southern Canada, the upper US, the UK,  New Zealand and parts of Australia. It is not always easy to find but the better plant nurseries will often have it.


Kashmiri Mountain ash

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