The Bhutan pine, also known as the Weeping Himalayan pine, is an upright tree that gradually reaches 30 to 50 feet with a spread of 30 to 40 feet, a size suitable to most gardens. The form is full to the point of lush, which, with maturity, takes on a languid habit. This weeping form, combined with the frosty blue needles makes an elegant specimen tree. No surprise then that it makes the favourites list of so many connoisseurs.

It will work as a specimen, sitting prominently alone, or as  a practical screen or windbreak, shielding a structure or lining a drive.

It will grow at a medium to fast rate in areas with short summers that are not too hot, meaning it will thrive in the upper US, parts of Canada, the UK and temperate Australia and New Zealand. It will do best in full sun and slightly acidic, well-drained soil.

The Weeping Himalayan pine is uncommon, so much so that it will not be found in the popular landscape nurseries but more likely in a specialty, mail-order, plant nursery.

Bhutan pine


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