Twisted White pine, or Pinus strobus 'Torulosa',  is a fascinating tree that is, perhaps, more suited to the connoisseur garden than the standard suburban plot.  As the name implies, 'Torulosa' is twisted in all ways, needles as well as stems. The needles are bluish-green on top with two white bands on the underside and due to the contortions both sides are visible making a lovely effect of color and texture. Oddly enough, Twisted White pine has a normal, upright pyramidal form, which becomes more oval with age. It grows approximately four to six inches per year, ultimately reaching 25 feet high and six feet wide in 25 years. For situations that warrant contrast in shade and form, this cultivar of the North American White pine would be a splendid addition, a trouble-free one that would last for many years. It is not fussy about soil, preferring well-drained neutral to acidic, in sun or part shade. It tends to do best where summers are shorter or cooler and accordingly does well in the upper US and eastern Canada. White pine also does well throughout the UK and temperate Australia and New Zealand.


Twisted white pine

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