The lacebark pine, or Pinus bungeana, has long been renowned for its beautiful bark. The multicolored palette is striking throughout the year and every year that passes it grows even more lustrous. It seems hard in fact to imagine any improvements to the Lacebark pine being possible, but there actually is a new cultivar called 'Silver Ghost' or Pinus bungeana ‘Silver Ghost’. It’s not widely available yet, but its unique, silvery bark is even more stunning and will make this cultivar the Lacebark pine of choice for years to come. All Lacebarks have mottled, exfoliating bark, but Silver Ghost is colored in a smokey sheen. This bark is so striking that it invites ‘limbing-up’.

Silver Ghost is a small to medium sized evergreen that will grow 6 to 10 feet tall in ten years but may eventually get to 50 feet. Like other Lacebarks, it is three-needled, of a medium to dark green. With time the tree takes on a broadly conical, multi-stemmed form. And as the stems reach a diameter of 1.5 to 2 inches, the immature bark begins to flake off revealing the same underlying multi-colored bark as the trunk.
 ‘Silver Ghost’ lacebark pine prefers full sun in well-drained soil and is hardy to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. It is adapted to southern Canada and the upper half of the US as well as New Zealand, the UK and temperate Australia.


Silver Ghost Lacebark pine

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