Here is a somewhat atypical Crapemyrtle. For one thing, it grows quite large, over 50 feet, which in the Crapemyrtle world is the equivalent of a Redwood. And another thing, it's quite cold tolerant and has withstood minus 10F, another unheard-of trait for Crapemyrtles. This is the Fantasy Crapemyrtle, or Lagerstroemia fauriei 'Fantasy'. Perhaps its uniqueness is due to the fact that its parentage, Lagerstroemia fauriei, is Japanese crape myrtle unlike the indica, or Chinese variety, which is more common. 'Fantasy' may, in fact, be the Crapemyrtle for the cooler climes such as the northern US and the UK. It has lovely white flowers all summer long and beautiful, cinnamon colored bark on a smooth and sinewy trunk that provides winter-long interest. And the autumn foliage is usually a good, bright yellow. But perhaps one of 'Fantasy' crapemyrtle's greatest traits is its superb form, vase shaped and spreading, which creates a silhouette that lends itself to formal groupings and allees.
'Fantasy' withstands the same soil conditions as other crapemyrtles which includes compacted and poor soils. It is resistant to insects and diseases, including powdery mildew, which is a major problem for many crapemyrtles. It will grow throughout most of the US and should be extremely well adapted to temperate Australia and New Zealand. As usual, this special tree will not be found in the popular landscape nurseries but more likely in a specialty, mail-order, plant nursery.

‘Fantasy’ crapemyrtle


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