Here is an evergreen tree with a close, narrow form, ideal for small spaces or but also effective when grouped for a privacy hedge. It is 'Carolina Sentinel' Holly, or Ilex x aquipernyi 'Carolina Sentinel’ and a great solution for today's modern homes where space is limited yet there is still the need for privacy. Most good hedging plants would quickly outgrow small spaces, while dwarf evergreens rarely have the height needed. Carolina Sentinel however has a tight, columnar form to 20 feet yet is only 4 to 5 feet wide. Not only can it provide privacy on even the smallest lots, but would be ideal flanking a garden entry or as a strong vertical accent in the garden. And being a holly it has the bright-red berries which are borne abundantly and accent the deep-green, leaves. Carolina Sentinel suffers few disease or insect problems and is quite adaptable, growing in either sun or partial shade. It also provides food and shelter for birds,making it an excellent choice for the wild-life friendly garden. And once established it is quite drought tolerant.

It grows throughout southern Ontario, coastal British Columbia and most of the US as well as the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Carolina Sentinel holly


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