Here is a variety of Beech that would be a dramatic addition to any garden, with one important caveat, it must be well-sited. This unique tree is Red Obelisk Beech, or Fagus sylvatica 'Red Obelisk', and it can work in one of two ways; either in a small garden with limited space, or in a more formal scheme where strong vertical accents are required. If you’re looking for something in either of those situations 'Red Obelisk' would be an 'A List' choice. It has slightly dissected 4 inch leaves, irregular and undulating, that are a rich, dark purple and quite eye-catching. At maturity this tree reaches approximately 40 feet, but with a width of only about 15 feet and it maintains a columnar shape throughout its life. This bold cultivar can take slightly acidic soil, and being a European beech, it prefers cool summers though it is somewhat shade tolerant. It grows from Canada down to the upper half of the US and is fully hardy throughout the UK and temperate Australia and New Zealand.

Red obelisk beech


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