The Flamingo Chinese toon tree or Cedrela sinensis 'Flamingo' is a tree that sits quietly in the winter garden until spring at which time it breaks out in a riot of gaudy color which is all in the foliage, not the bloom. The leaves of this brilliant cultivar of Chinese toon are some of the most colorful of any tree including maple, but unlike maples these leaves are as vivid in spring as they are in autumn. The large, pinnate leaves unfurl a lurid pink and purple-red and keep this color for about a month before turning cream and then finally a summer green. And in summer there are 12 inch panicles of white flowers followed in autumn by brown seed pods and yellow foliage.
Flamingo Chinese toon is also quite tough, tolerating infertile, compacted soils and drought conditions (once established). It can be grown in full sun or part shade, on parking lot islands or a garden specimen. It reaches to 30 to 40 feet in height with a nice upright, oval form, but it can also be cut back, or pollarded, and kept as a leafy shrub. If color and lush foliage are needed then this is the tree. It is suited to Lower Ontario and most of the US except the warmest parts of the Deep South and it does well in New Zealand as well as the UK and temperate Australia.

Flamingo Chinese toon


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