Here is a new and very choice selection of the North American red maple. It is 'Snow Fire' maple, or Acer rubrum 'Snow Fire'. This stunning cultivar has some of the most beautiful foliage of any maple, and that’s saying quite a bit. In spring, the new growth emerges in shades of white, pink and green, all mottled together producing a marbled effect. As the season progresses the mature leaves go green, streaked white, while the new growth continues with the brighter colors. Finally with autumn there is one last blaze of red.

Snow Fire maple is a semi-dwarf growing only 8 to 10 feet which really qualifies it almost as a shrub and certainly of a size that can work in most any garden. It is also slow growing, and, for the best color, should be planted in part shade as it may sunburn otherwise. It will grow across the southern half of the US and should do very well in the UK, New Zealand and temperate Australia, though be warned, this maple tree is a  connoisseur subject that will not be found in any discount nursery center but more likely in the smaller, select tree nursery.


Snow Fire maple

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