Maples are amazing. They are some of the most colorful trees in existence and of a size that can fit any niche in your garden and they possess wide ranging adaptability. And one particularly nice member of this genus is the Bosnian maple, also called Opalus maple or more exactly, Acer opalus obtusatum. Not surprisingly this splendid little tree is from Southern Europe. It only reaches 20-25 feet with a multi-stemmed habit that is almost as wide as it is tall. Bosnian maple produces clusters of yellow flowers in early spring, before the leaves appear, and like most maples, it has spectacular autumn color as its leaves develop amazing shades of watermelon pink and bright orange. And yet, as impressive as these attributes are, perhaps the greatest asset of a Bosnian maple is its poise. This small tree has cool green spring foliage on a vase shaped form that would make it one of the best specimens in any garden. The bark is also subtly attractive being grey with pink undertones as it peels in square plates. And in addition to being a first rate, small shade tree, the Bosnian maple also makes an ideal bonsai subject.
Bosnian maple does best in full sun, though it may benefit from light shade in warm weather areas in the US and Australia. Being from mountainous regions it does well in cooler climes such as the UK, southern Canada, and the northern US. It’s likely to be found only in the connoisseur nursery.

Bosnian maple


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