Here is an exciting new Maple that offers superb autumn foliage, a superior form, a smaller size and a tough-as-nails adaptability. This is the Metro Gold maple, or Acer campestre 'Panacek'. Metro Gold has handsome dark green foliage throughout the season which, in autumn, turns a striking, gold-yellow that is far better than the species and a real traffic-stopper. It has an upright, narrowly oval form that’s narrower than the species and is even tighter than the famous Queen Elizabeth maple.
Metro Gold maple quickly reaches a height of 30 to 35 feet and 20 feet wide which makes it the right size for modern gardens. The small stature and vigorous growth make it an excellent street tree for residential areas or downtown sites. However, perhaps it grows a little too tall for planting beneath some power lines. It is also suitable as a patio or shade tree because it stays small, creates dense shade, and produces fewer seeds.
With its stunning bright yellow autumn color and its disease and pest resistance, Metro Gold maple is an excellent cultivar from a species that has earned a reputation as a tough city tree. It should do well from southern Canada throughout most of the United States, all of the UK, and temperate Australia and New Zealand.


Metro Gold maple

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