Silberlocke fir is a cultivar of Korean fir, Abies koreana, a fir noted for being slow growing, narrowly pyramidal, and with a formal aspect. This shape is very handsome and makes a bold statement in any garden and makes the ideal specimen tree. The Silberlocke fir has the same great form but with extraordinary foliage. Waxy, dark green needles curl inward to display bright white-silver backs. This characteristic gives a gleaming sheen and distinctly beautiful textural effect. But there is another, equally beautiful characteristic and that is the large blue to violet-purple cones which stand up on branch tips in spring time. These cones crowd the branches and are very eye-catching.
Silberlocke fir fits well into smaller, residential landscapes. The normal Korean fir grows 15 to 30 feet in time though Silberlocke is more compact. It is more heat tolerant than most firs meaning that this might be the one fir that that grows in warmer summer areas. It casts a dense shade and is easy to transplant. It prefers acid, moist soil and is intolerant of compacted soil, air pollution.
It grows through most of the US (upper), Canada, the UK, and New Zealand and cool temperate Australia.

Silberlocke fir


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